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UPDATE NOW! i phone's got Hacked through "Blank messages" | 2019

we set our mind that i phones can't be hacked ,and actually the fame of apple i phones is ,these smartphones can't easily hacked,i phones are very fast,easy to use,non-heating and so many good features that defines i phones.

But hackers too grown their knowledge by testing more and more secure devices ,and now hackers are able to hack i phones by sending you a blank messages to your phone,if you opened it then your phone is not in you hand.

A Google project zero security researcher has found a dozens of bugs in iphones message box that easily allow hackers to manipulate the user data by just sending a blank messages.


1.Update your system from 10.14.6 to ios 12.4

2. Do not open any spam messages/emails/sites/anything you dont know

3. Delete un-used applications from your devices

4. Do not connet to any suspicious network

It is a remote type attack to steal the information of users.

Natalie Silvanovich ,a researcher presents her work in front of black hat security conference in Las Vegas on 7th AUG.

A hackers only needs to send the a messages to steal the data from phone ,nothing else.

A user need not to open the i message app,by sending some extra messages from hackers they can control our downloading tabs ,and can disturb you a lot.

According to Boredprogrammers ,they can run the special codes on the phones too by sending them blank messages.

If you are using apple devices ,so simply make sure that you have updated your phone to latest versions ,it patch all the loopholes .

For more

Apple intoduce a bug bounty program to finds the bug and get upto 1 million $.

apple will award those who find bugs in their products,the program is applicable only for iOS,macOS,tvOS,watchOS only.

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