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Top 7 Reasons to Date Coding!

And, that is the reason all the engineers are single, this Valentine’s also! Sigh!!

Here’s a little note of singlehood to all my fellow Engineers.

Hello my Engineer Bros, I mean yaa, I know you all are single. And this is my heartfelt note for you all. While I weep slightly, for being single this Valentine’s also, coding has been my bae for the longest time I remember!

Well, the world of coding might be rocky uphill and down, but at least it is faithful. You give the command, it responds. Unlike, your ex! :p

Top 7 Reasons to Date Coding!

With the innovation in technology over the years, the ability to code has become increasingly important. There are so many benefits of learning to code for students that go much beyond the use of a computer.

While many people find coding as a highly technical skill, it is has emerged to be another form of literacy, like a new language but for computers. Living in the 21st-century, children are growing up in a digital world, and coding is a skill that can be used every day.

Coding skills are an advantage not only to increase productivity but also provide advantages for children and students in life in general.

We are going to look at the advantages of learning to code. But first, Let’s find out What is Coding?

Coding has highly impacted the world and has made life easier than ever before. In the last 15 years, the most innovative technologies around the globe have taken place. From making delivery of products at your doorstep to colonizing mars, everything seems possible with the help of coding. The computer programming language is capable of building anything that the human wants. It performs the apt functions on receiving input and generates output. And, that’s how most revolutionizing technologies have surfaced in the world.

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Top 7 Reasons to Date Coding:

1. Learning To Code Makes You Smart

Coding is one such skill, which needs a programmer to be proactive and develop quick reasoning skills. This is one of the essential life skills, which not only helps you in coding but in the holistic development of the human mind. It promotes the habits of problem-solving, which is an essential entrepreneurial and life skill.

2. Computer Programming Develops Logical Thinking Aptitude

Coding requires an Individual to think logically, it teaches them to break complex tasks into simple processes, which are easier to solve and manage. This process is called simplification. Even if an individual never becomes a professional computer programmer or software engineer, they will be highly benefited from learning to think logically.

3. Coding Enhances Creativity

Coding allows the freedom to be the creators. Since coding is all about inventing and innovating. You can play with the idea whichever way you want. How cool would it be if you can design your app or video game? By learning to code, kids can create projects that they love. The students can maximize their creativity and learn how to develop creative thinking to solve their problems. This is an essential life skill that goes far beyond a computer.

4. Working On Programming Language Encourages Curiosity

As a programming language is all about the implementation of the curious ideas of the human mind. It makes you want to see the results of your thought process. Till a human mind sees the desired result, it makes consistent efforts to achieve the desired results and stays hungry to practice and commit more and more algorithms.

5. Learning To Code Can Stretch Your Learning Abilities

The Algorithm of a computer system is similar to the learning capabilities of a human mind. You get to implement one command again and again until you achieve the desired results. This allows you to be flexible with the method but determined about the goal. This again is one of the greatest life skills, which fosters the learning abilities of the human mind by trying out different alternatives to achieve the result.

6. Coding Improves Structural Thinking

When a human mind learns to code, they develop structural thinking patterns. As coding involves performing algorithm based functions, it preaches the human mind to look for systematized structure in everything they do. This also inculcates detective skills in an individual as they can form a bigger picture using small events/tasks.

7. Coding Helps To Develop Resilience

When you code to develop something you love, it gives you a dopamine kick to achieve the desired results anyhow. You fail once, you will find ten other ways to find a solution. But, would never want to give up. This skill is beyond the application of programming language and makes you a person of strong character.

As you can understand, the benefits of coding for a human mind, in general, go well beyond learning how to program a computer. Learning to code gives children an upper hand, and is a highly valued skill that can help children throughout their day to day lives.

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