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Tesla CO-FOUNDER Elon Musk said the only job left for you

There has too many talk about how robots one day completely rule the world and takes all the jobs. Yes, it is right because artificial intelligence perform work easily and efficiently. Elon musk is the big supporter of Artificial intelligence and According the CNET report, musk said that “A.I will make jobs kind of pointless”. This statement given by Tesla CEO Elon musk at world Artificial intelligence conference at Shanghai. But according to Musk the one job that will remain safe is “writing A.I software, and eventually the A.I writes its own software”.

Musk also explained that why he thought that people must studies subjects like Engineering, physic which involves people interaction with each other reported by CNET.

“People enjoy fundamentally interacting with each other. So if you are working on something that includes engineering and interaction probably a good approach”

Interestingly at the same conference, Elon musk was discussing with Jack ma the chairperson of Alibaba. Musk said people should think that they are dumb. “The first thing we should assumed that we are very dumb so we can make think smarter than ourselves”.

While Musk discussing with Jack ma, Jack ma had opposing view point towards A.I and said “I’ve never in my life think that A.I controlled humans, It is impossible”.






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an initiative for the better world

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