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SURPRISE FOR JIO USERS | Now have to pay 6 paisa/min to call users of other operators

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

The ongoing debate in the telecommunications industry on the IUC (Interconnect Usage Charge) for a while and the last they spoke about it, both Airtel and Jio had reduced the ring time for outgoing calls to 20 seconds.

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Nonetheless, the case is being dealt with by India's Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) and although the outcome can take some time, Reliance Jio has already taken a step to offset the losses it has incurred as a result of the IUC.

Surprisingly, Jio revealed that for the time being, they would charge customers to pay the IUC fee on all outgoing calls to other networks. The IUC rate fixed by TRAI is currently at 6 paise per minute, and if customers will call someone from another network, Jio will pass the charge on to them. Jio has come up with some IUC plans that customers can purchase in order to make calls to customers from other networks. New regulations of Jio have been implemented from Wednesday.

Didn't Understand? Let us have an easy explanation

IUC or Interconnect Usage Charge is the fee that a telecommunications operator is required to pay to the other telecommunications operator if a customer makes an outgoing call to the other telecommunications operator's customer.

The IUC charge is determined by the TRAI and all operators are currently required to pay 6 paise per minute. Jio is passing this charge to their customers.

Suppose if you have a Jio number and you call a consumer who is having an Airtel or Vodafone-Idea number you will be charged 6paisa per min till the time it keeps ringing.

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However, the call will still be free. If you are making a call to a Jio number or a Landline number you won't be charged anything. Also all incoming, as well as WhatsApp calls, will be unaffected from this.

The IUC charge will also be applicable to all postpaid users and the charge will be added in their next billing cycle.

All Jio customer who wants to make calls to Airtel or Vodafone-Idea customers have to buy additional top-up vouchers of Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50 or Rs 100 for additional IUC minutes.

But all these vouchers will come up with extra Data benefits.

Jio will provide following top-up vouchers for customers:  
-Rs 10 plan offers 124 IUC minutes to non-Jio numbers and 1GB data.
-Rs 20 plan offers 249 IUC minutes to non-Jio numbers and 2GB data.
-Rs 50 plan offers 656 IUC minutes to non-Jio numbers and 5GB data.
-Rs 100 plan offers 1,362 IUC minutes to non-Jio numbers and 10GB data.

These packs will be needed for all numbers which have been recharged from 9th Oct onwards, so all who have recharged their number just some days before or a month ago can enjoy without paying anything.

Maybe TRAI will change IUC charges to zero after 1 Jan 2020.

After being the largest customer, Telcom JIO has started playing unfair games also when TRAI decision to reduce IUC to zero till 2020.

Maybe JIO is planning to introduce more tariff packs in the future.

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