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Learn to do Ethical Hacking the Right Way. Register Now!

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

From the pool of fish, you got to find the whale for you! All of us have our hobbies and interests set in life but to have a basic idea about the field which interests us the most can sometimes be confusing to choose. The main problem students face now is to find the right learning programs that are a valuable addition to their careers. If you are reading this blog, you are at the right place. Our team at Anfeidrol is here to ensure that our online 7-day boot camp enhances your knowledge and skill. We are here to coach you, not to just teach!

Those of you, who want to establish yourself as an Ethical Hacker. Here too is the link to register for our online Boot Camp. Powered by Bored Programmers, in collaboration with IIT Microsoft, Anfeidrol is coming up with an online winter-end boot camp from 25-31 March 2021. The 7-day online workshop will focus on building coding fundamentals along with Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security. There are more courses related to Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Android with Java/Flutter/Kotlin, Python Fundamental/Data Science, etc… The workshop will be for 3 hr/day.

So, if you are serious about developing new skills, here is the link for you, register right away. If not, we request you not waste your parents’ money!

Our Vision

We, at Anfeidrol, vision a skilled nation. We aim to serve the world with quality education. Our mission is to make every student skilled. We see a world with smart kids. Our upcoming winter-end boot camp is all about developing the skills of the 21st century. We have certification courses for ethical hacking, coding, and Cybersecurity.

​Anfeidrol is a platform where you can Re-Design your skills to gain the power of knowledge with updated technologies. We make opportunities for everyone who needs it.

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What’s inside the BootCamp?

The 7-day winter-end Bootcamp will be for 3 hr/day. Our team of experts is going to coach you on the skills of the 21st century, which includes, coding, Ethical Hacking, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Digital, etc... All the courses include certification from Microsoft, 2 live projects, and Internships as well. All the courses are primarily formulated as per the students, thus, affordable. Currently, we are running an early bird discount on the courses, to avail register today.

Why is it essential to learn Coding?

Coding has become the new cool! Almost every problem of the world can be sorted by coding. If you aim to build something great for the world, coding is the way to do it. It has become a basic literacy in the digital age. It teaches children to be creative and confident.

Check out the competitive coding course here!

Is Ethical Hacking only for big software giants?

NO. Ethical hacking is for everyone who has got skills and interest to be one. Becoming a cyber-security expert not only provides a better professional career but also can protect your data and help others to prevent data breaches. If you are an ethical hacker, you could prevent such kind of acts.

Check out the ethical hacking course here!

Benefits of enrolling in Anfeidrol winter-end BootCamp

Boot Camp certification courses are comparatively affordable than single courses. Content can be accessed for a lifetime. It includes live projects and assessments as well. We believe in the practical implementation of the concepts, not just in imparting theoretical knowledge. We provide the best quality of Skill-Ups. Do not miss being a part of this amazing boot camp! We await you there!

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