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India aims to soft land on south pole of moon

On 20 August, India’s Chandrayaan-2 entered Moon’s orbit. The lander touches the ground at unexplored south pole at 20:00 on 01:30 Indian time.

India will become the fourth country if make a secure a secure landing on the lunar surface, after the former Soviet Union, China and United states.

Main motive of mission?

Chandrayaan-2 is one of the most complicated mission ever try by Indian Space Research organization. "It is just starting of a historical journey" ISRO chief K Sivan said after launch in July.

Vikram the lander carries around a 27Kg moon rover with instrument to analyze the lunar soil.

Through the 14 days, the rover can travel up to half kilometer from the lander and send images back to Earth for analyze.

A secure landing on another planet is successfully achieved by just three countries, Soviet Union, China, US. So, it is a great achievement for Indian space agency.

For the first time in history of ISRO an cosmos journey is being led by two women- Ritu Karidhal the mission director and Muthaya Vanitha the project director

The Chandrayaan-2 mission is the global headline because of its low cost budget.

How did Chandrayaan-2 get to the Moon? Its six-week long journey was plenty longer than the four days Nasa's Greek deity eleven mission took fifty years agone to land humans on the Moon for the primary time.

But Isro selected a circuitous route to save lots of fuel - it took advantage of the Earth's gravity, that helped catapult the satellite towards the Moon.

The satellite then stayed within the Earth's orbit for twenty three days before it began a series of manoeuvres that took it into satellite orbit.

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