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Can your camera be hacked? Not your phone or laptop camera. Your DSLR Camera...

Updated: May 7

Yes you heard it right. Even a simple camera now a days is vulnerable and can be hacked through ransomware virus attacks over WiFi and USB.

As we all know "free" public WiFi or anything like that is dangerous for us. Even the public phone or device charging booths are not so safe.

Hackers can easily transfer the malware through Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) we use in DSLR to transfer the photos on our devices. It is a brand new way for hackers to attack on devices with ransomware malware and thus a brand new threat to normal people.

According to the Check Point Software Technologies, security researchers have found ways to install malware remotely on a Canon EOS 80D DSLR camera which encrypted the photos stored on the camera's memory. PTP is unauthenticated and can be used to insert the malware over the air(WiFi) or via USB port.

PTP is used to upgrade the firmware of camera, transfer the images and much more.


Case 1: If your public WIFI has been hacked, the hacker can trace any device connected to it and since you are also part of the network, your chances of getting hacked is high.

Case 2: If you are connect to a network which has already been compromised, your chances of being hacked are 100%.

Case 3: If the hacker broadcasts the virus to your network, you are trapped from all sides. It is almost impossible to be safe from such an attack.

Case 4: If your camera is connected to your mobile phone or laptop to control or snap images, then your device too is at risk as you are on same network as the hackers(if the camera has already been hacked).

Case 5: Your camera can also be hacked by physical means. For example, a simple pen drive with a virus connected just once to your camera is enough to infect it which then can hack your device itself(case 4).

So clearly, if you want to be safe, beware of EVERYTHING.



We all know, camera is the 3rd eye of hackers to hack/manipulate anything.

We focus on the security cameras, phone cameras, pc cameras too, but we can't possibly suspect that hackers can use DSLR camera as a normal camera to perform notorious operations like spying, information gathering, and even recording or broadcasting personal activities, and if you are a professional photographer they can even get your photos and leak them online.

So, it's quite obvious hackers would likely be using this means for their nefarious works now.

A question should now arise in our minds. Where can we find a DSLR in day to day life?

Answer- In offices/parties/houses/personal activites/tracking.

Today most people have a modern camera which they use for personal or professional purposes. So, it's important that we understand and take precautions to be protected from such a possibility.

Now that you understand the danger, it is time you learn the ways to be safe.

Following security measures should be taken for the prevention:-

1. Upgrade your camera firmware version if available.

2. Turn off the WiFi of camera when not in use.

3. Do not not use public cameras for transferring anything. And if you don't want to be hacked, it is a lot safer to not connect to any public network unless you fully trust them.

4. Recharge your router/device to use your own WiFi instead of being dependent on dangerous public WiFis.

Hope this helps you to be more safe and aware of the dangers the digital world has to offer.

Thank you !

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